Ruusu Haarla & Julia Lappalainen


Directed by Ruusu Haarla

Thu 9.8 19:00 & Fri 10.8 15:30 | TT Frenckell (2h 30min, intermission)

A world premiere to celebrate Tampere Theatre Festival’s 50th anniversary.

Focusing on Finnish theatre legend Jouko Turkka (1942–2016), Turkka Dies is director Ruusu Haarla and actress Julia Lappalainen’s deconstruction of both man and myth.

Director-writer-professor Jouko Turkka’s persona and methods have been the subject of much controversy, his notoriety equalled only by his
revered status as the guru and powerhouse of Finnish theatre. Turkka Dies explores the legend of Turkka from its pinnacle in the 1980s to the
post-Turkka world of today by looking at both the narrative and the narration. More broadly, the play examines the myth-building of the artistic male genius and its collateral sacrifices, the fear of femininity and the longing for a father.

What is the human price for Turkka’s actions? Whose body pays the toll?

In cooperation with Tampereen Teatterikesä, Suomen Kansallisteatteri & Tampereen Teatteri

Performed in Finnish, subtitled in English | Translation supported by Theatre Info Finland TINFO Grant

Get to know the artists

You can meet with Ruusu Haarla & Julia Lappalainen at a discussion event on Fri 10th Aug 11:30-14:00. More details on the event here.

Concept and text Julia Lappalainen & Ruusu Haarla

Directed by Ruusu Haarla

Light design Fabian Nyberg

In cooperation with Teatterikesä, Suomen Kansallisteatteri & Tampereen Teatteri


Julia Lappalainen

Ruusu Haarla