Anna-Mari Karvonen, Anni Puolakka & working group


Directed by Anna-Mari Karvonen & Anni Puolakka

Mon 6.8 19:00 & Tue 7.8 13:00 | Pakkahuone (1h)

A man named Brad Pitt hits rock bottom and winds up in a state of rawness. He begins to mold clay, embracing it, feeling an urge to merge
with it, wanting to decompose.

The Latin phrase amor fati is used to describe an unconditional love of one’s fate. Underneath this philosophical concept lies a play that
contemplates man’s relation to matter by highlighting our age-old connection with clay. It shows the self-molding, thought-pattern-changing efforts of a souped-up Californian body, an attempt to find one’s true self.

Directed by Anna-Mari Karvonen and Anni Puolakka, Amor Fati is an evolutionary tale filled with warmth, sensuality and subtle humor
– a sort of a living and eventually dying statue created out of our concept of loving.

Performed in Finnish | A recording of the performance with English subtitles will become available before the Festival.Translation supported by Theatre Info Finland TINFO Grant.

Get to know the artists

You can meet with the directors and performers Anna-Mari Karvonen & Anni Puolakka at a discussion event on Fri 10th Aug 11:30-14:00. More details on the event here.

Text Anna-Mari Karvonen & Anni Puolakka, Samuli Niittymäki, Tatu Nenonen, GQ magazine

Directed by Anna-Mari Karvonen & Anni Puolakka

Stage and light design Heikki Paasonen

Sound design Tatu Nenonen

Artistic advice Children of the Vironniemi Nursery


Samuli Niittymäki

Anni Puolakka

Tatu Nenonen

Anna-Mari Karvonen